Kidney Test Results

Today was another very long day. We arrived for our Urology appointment at 3:45pm only to be told that we went to the wrong place. Apparently, the doctor has 2 locations, but nobody ever told us that, so we just went to the place we had gone before…

So, at 4:30pm we arrived at location #2 and then had to wait in a very small waiting room with about 14 people until 6:00pm when we were finally called in.

The renal scan results showed that Cooper has a normal left kidney and a smaller right pelvic kidney. The right kidney is actually on the left side of his body and is lower than his left one. They also were able to determine that the right kidney has 26% of normal function. The VCUG results indicated that Cooper does not have bladder reflux, which is very good news.

Dr. Shapiro, who is highly regarded in the area, told us that despite the abnormal right kidney, Cooper should have no problems with his kidney function. Many people live with only one kidney, so we do not have anything to worry about!

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