Introducing…Cooper’s Corner

Cooper has taken up the art of photography…so I’ve setup a gallery just for him:

Cooper’s Corner

You can also find a link in the “Links” section below.

I’ve also added more pictures in our gallery for June, July and August.



  1. Gail Williams / Grandmama, August 8, 2008:

    Oh Brother. 😉

  2. Eric, August 28, 2008:

    @Gail – Not quite the reaction I was expecting… 😉

    I love the all the different perspectives that he takes pictures from. At first he was just randomly snapping pictures, but now he is really looking for things to take pictures of. He always amazes me with how fast he learns…I think he already knows more about what the camera buttons do than I ever did…

  3. Kaci, August 28, 2008:

    I think that it is adorable! He wants to be a part of something bigger, and is showing an interest in photography. I love his pictures. They are a little more than I would have expected from a young boy. Some of his pictures of the family turned out really cute…better than what I could have done. Good work Cooper, keep up your curiosity and your love for photography! BTW, Eric, love your new camera!
    Sam, Kaci, Kiana, and Leland

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