Labor Day Weekend 2008

There were two big events this last Labor Day weekend and they were both scheduled on Sunday. The neighborhood were Shannon grew up was throwing a 50th Anniversary party and the Minnesota Twins were in town playing the Oakland A’s. Since there were two events planned for Sunday, Shannon and I decided to split up and each take one of the kids.

Last year, I took Cooper to visit a Twins / A’s game with Grandpa (my Dad). Although Cooper isn’t quite old enough to really “get” baseball, I thought it would be great to try and catch a Twins / A’s game every year as a tradition.

This year Cooper did great and we left around the 7th inning with the Twins winning 8-1! He was very tired and passed out just minutes after we left and slept the entire way home. Here are pictures from our last two trips:

Cooper and Grandpa in 2007 at the A's/Twins game Cooper and Grandpa in 2008 at a A's/Twins game

While we were at the Twins game, Shannon took Caden to Novato for the anniversary party. They had a great time and got to visit with all of the people who have lived on the street over the years.

It’s weird when we split up like that and take the kids different places, but everything worked out. The kids were completely thrown off by our adventures and it took them a week or so to get back on schedule…but what else is new 😉


  1. Gramdma Bobbie, September 13, 2008:

    We love being included in these events. Please keep them coming. We leave Thursday for our annual deer hunt. Possibly 3 weeks, altho i hope not that long.

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