October News

Caden’s “broken” leg update: so, it turns out that his buckle fracture was a relatively minor hairline fracture and he didn’t even need a cast, nor did it prevent him from walking for 4-6 weeks. He stayed in a split and actually had it taken off last Monday (10/13). He is still walking with a limp and the doctor said it would probably take 10 days or so for him to get back to “normal”.

Other news: the day after Caden had his splint taken off, Cooper woke up in the middle of the night with a 104 degree temperature. Then, the next day, he had a really bad cough – turns out he has croup. In recent days, Caden has had a high temperature as well, but no sign of a cough…yet!

Photos: I finished adding all of our photos from September and started adding photos for October.

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